06 March, 2011

My Heart

i :h: u..
u :h: me..
i & u :h: each other..
we have a happy relationship..
although many times we fight..
u still in my heart..
i also still in your heart .
u are the first man that i :h: so much in my heart.
i hope our realtionship everlasting until u n me die..
i hope we can maintain this..
because i can`t life without u ..
u important like how important the air in my life..
u important like how i need food to life..
i :h: u more than i :h: myself..
i :h: u more than everything..
but my family is number one..
i hope u can impatient with my attitude..
bcoz i know i not a perfect gurl in your heart..
but i have try my best to make u happy..
to make u laugh like a crazy person..
to make u had a wonderfull day..
n to make your life perfect..
thanks bcoz u :h: me..
thanks bcoz u make me smile everyday...

begejam aque dowk depan pc yg buok niy tok tulis entry gila niy..
haha..harap korg paham...
aque sesaje je nak tulis..
sebb aque skang da biul...
bye !

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